The Story of Shades


What is this shade story, how does it work?

A shade = a real photograph printed on a heat tolerant medium folded into a cylinder and placed over a light source of choice. It is flat packed for easy shipment and folding instructions included with each product. Most effective in low light conditions. Various lighting options can be used depending on the size of the shade and the mood you want to enhance.

The price of a shade or set of shades exclude any lighting and is for the shade[s] only. The lights are priced separately and can also be purchased from various suppliers.

Browse through the designs categorised in sizes that you like most and have a look under LIGHTING for ideas and options regarding ways to illuminate and display your functional photo art.

As simple as that.

How did it all start?

For the love of light and images… everything started as a photograph taken by me somewhere during an ordinary day.

SHADE SETS |  l Set of 3 small shades mostly 3 different designs but in some cases there are repeats, approx height 133mm and diameter 85mm

MEDIUM SHADES | Single Medium size shade, approx height 285mm and diameter 130mm

TALL SHADES | Single tall shade, approx height 500mm and diameter 190mm

Should you wish to use your own photograph or design, please contact Hilde for a quote to transform it into your very own personal décor item.